Recipe: Banana Muffin Cake on the Book of Jun

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana Muffin Cake on the Book of Jun


[Banana Muffin Cake] (The rule of Jun, a little change)



  1. Cut the lemon half and squeeze the juice for later use.

  2. Low powder, baking powder, salt mixture, sifted and used.

  3. The butter softens (winter, I use a hair dryer), add fine sugar to send it until the color is white and the volume is slightly enlarged.

  4. Into three times, break into the broken egg liquid, and each time you need to completely fuse the egg liquid and butter and then add it again.

  5. Add milk. (No need to stir, pour directly)

  6. Add lemon juice. (No need to stir, pour directly)

  7. Pour into the low powder of the second step, use a squeegee to turn the mixture up from the bottom, do not stir the ring to avoid the flour ribs.

  8. Pour the banana into a muddy shape. Just mix well.

  9. Into the mold, 2 / 3 full, placed in the preheated oven middle layer, 185 degrees, baking for about 30 minutes.


Fruit can be replaced with other ones.

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