Recipe: Banana mint ice cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana mint ice cream


One day I drank the banana mint milkshake from 俺家@阿克夸夸 Mint is very fresh. Banana's unique fruity aroma and rich milky aroma are just right, but the ice cream is a little bit better than the Babu bubble gum. .



  1. Egg yolk + sugar + vanilla extract is sent to a lighter and thicker color. Slowly add about 80 °C of milk, while stirring to prevent yolk from boiling and agglomerating.

  2. Pour the 2 mixture back into the pan and heat it over low heat until it is a thick paste. (It’s almost half a minute to heat up a big bubble)

  3. The egg milk liquid is sieved into the bowl, and the ice water is quickly placed under the bottom to be cooled, and the refrigerator is sealed.

  4. Mint leaves are chopped, the more broken the better. The banana is crushed with a fork and topped with a half lemon juice to prevent oxidative discoloration and pour the wine.

  5. Light cream is sent to the 6 distribution with an egg beater, poured into mint leaves, bananas and egg milk, beaten and beaten, mixed almost into the freezer, and then taken out every half an hour or an hour. It’s just hard.


If you have an ice cream machine, you can omit the step of creaming.

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