Recipe: Banana milkshake

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana milkshake


In the hot summer, I always want to drink cold things. The refrigerator in our house is obviously not enough in the summer. In addition to the uninterrupted yogurt every day in the refrigerator, it is the fruit of this melon. The kettle of the two buttons that I bought earlier is also very moist, and the ice is in a mine. Water, one iced honey lemon slice water ~ Under my guidance, Xiang Gong also likes to watch Beijing's life channel as much as I do. Every night, at 6 o'clock, in addition to food and all kinds of life tips and life tips, it is quite practical~~ recently on TV They are all teaching how to make summer ice drinks, but most ice drinks need to be made with a blender. After a few days, we can't stand it. We went to the store and bought a mixer. The function is simple, it is only used to squeeze juice and make milkshake drops, which is very practical in summer. The two days I bought it are also tumbling every day. The most favorite thing is the ice-cold sand-sand cool sweet banana milkshake. Of course, I have to make a drop to do it, haha. Going home tonight, I am entangled with him to make this milkshake. By the way, I picked two small pieces of potted fresh mint leaves that I just bought. It’s a good-looking drink~~~ Ok, less nonsense, Fresh banana milkshakes debut -



  1. The ice cubes are thrown into the blender, and the frozen yogurt is dug into the blender.

  2. Cut the banana into small pieces and put it into the blender

  3. Start stirring, it will be a minute, just do it.


And don't worry about having calories, yogurt has a lot of calories and it's very low, it won't get fat. Banana is also a good food to promote gastrointestinal motility. In the hot summer, you can't miss such a low-calorie and delicious milkshake~~

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