Recipe: Banana ice cream toast roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana ice cream toast roll


Ah, summer is coming, Nima's temperature is too high, hot can't eat it~ I will tell you to ice up the banana and eat it. And bananas can't be put into ice pops for a long time. It's really good taste~~~ This little dessert is really sweet outside, it’s ice sweet, ah, that taste can’t describe it. There is a kind of fried ice cream. = The most important thing is super simple. Get it in a few minutes~~ Eat cool in the summer, yeah~~! ~(≧▽≦)/~



  1. Peel the banana, wrap it in plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator for one night.

  2. The toast cuts to the side, the iced banana is placed on top, rolled up with plastic wrap, rolled into a roll

  3. Eggs are broken up, the rolled banana rolls are evenly wrapped in egg liquid, placed in a pan, and simmered to golden

  4. Slice the pot and open it!


It’s enough to put a little oil when frying. I don’t use the non-stick pan. Fry well and eat as soon as possible, because bananas will become blacker when they are easy to change (but in fact it is more delicious~) Really really very delicious! ! Who will try to know! ! !

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