Recipe: "Banana Chocolate Spring Roll" started from spring rolls

Home Cooking Recipe:


The practice of spring roll skin comes from the Internet. The practice of “Banana·Chocolate Spring Roll” comes from “one person eats” (the original source doesn’t know where it came from, I just saw the video of “One person eats.” It’s now not uploaded on the kitchen homepage. This practice, so I passed it). I started to do it myself from the Spring Roll, and found the practice on the Internet. I went to the 2nd partner for 20 minutes and made 10 photos. I can use 6 of them. My mom~ The flour is wasted a lot... but there is time. Play~ The first time I did not take a photo, I will make up the next time I will toss it~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Put the salt into the water, gradually add water to the flour, and stir it into a smooth thick batter with a blender;

    Put the salt into the water, gradually add water to the flour, and stir it into a smooth thick batter with a blender;

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: The batter is covered and placed in the refrigerator for several hours;

    The batter is covered and placed in the refrigerator for several hours;

  3. The pan is oiled and heated on a small fire; the end of the dough is painted on the surface of the pot to form a thin circle with a diameter of about 20 cm (to the left and right of the pot, a thin round dough is left on the pot, If you have a small hole, you can use the batter in your hand to make up; if there are too many, you can use a fork or a knife to scrape it.) Note: The above is purely a master, I am quite embarrassed this time~ I started to make a few thicker ones. Later I felt quite thin. But when I had bananas, I had a problem. Thick and good bags, thin skin like pancakes, very crisp, I am directly domineering bananas. Just ate...

  4. After a few seconds in the pan, the outer part of the dough is rolled up inward, and when it is lightly peeled off, it becomes a spring roll and placed in the plate for later use;

  5. Cut the banana into a suitable length (because my skin is too small, the round banana bag does not enter, so cut it), put a small piece of chocolate in the center of the banana; wrap it in the pan and fry it;

  6. Ice cream is also prepared in the practice of 'one person to eat'. I use other people's practices to make ice cream with bananas, cut the bananas (small pieces and break them) and freeze them as soon as possible (to prevent discoloration). The crusher is muddy~ The finished product is very viscous and should be eaten as soon as possible, otherwise it will change color because of the relationship with bananas~


1. The flour varies from place to place, the amount of water required is different, and the hand can grasp the facial paralysis. The palm of the hand can be grasped and the sputum can still be grasped without slipping. If the glutinous rice is too thin, it cannot be made into noodles, too thick. The spring roll skin is thin, but it is not easy to operate; 2. If the material is slightly salted and foamed (this is not added, it seems not very good ~), the spring roll skin will be more crisp and delicious after the fried; Before doing spring rolls, you should practice the hand to grasp the facial mask. Because there are ribs in the face, it is not easy to fall in your hands. 5. The pot is too hot, the skin is too dry, and the dough will be baked even when it is caught. Picking up the skin together (the online practice says "Middle Fire", but the "small fire" I used, the skin will also be picked up, so I didn't write "Middle Fire" above); the pot is too cold, made The skin is thicker and not easy to peel off; the pot is too sticky, the skin is difficult to peel off on the top, and the paper can be wiped with oil to wipe the heart of the pot. If the oil is too much, it can be wiped off with the discarded spring roll. 8. Cover the lid and put it on. It can still be used in the refrigerator for two days. (The above content comes from the network)

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