Recipe: Banana Chocolate Cup Cake - Banana Choc Cupcake

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana Chocolate Cup Cake - Banana Choc Cupcake


Every time to solve the inventory (⊙_⊙) This time it was solved with bananas and cream~ TASTE scores a 4.5 star cup cake, the taste is soft, I have reduced some sugar, so the taste will not be very sweet. If the girls like sweet taste, you can add sugar in moderation. After refrigerating, the cake becomes more compact, and both tastes are good. Individuals prefer to refrigerate~ (common cup cake 6)



  1. Choose a ripe banana to crush it into mud, and the dark chocolate is roughly chopped and set aside;

  2. The butter is softened at room temperature, brown sugar and vanilla extract are added, and the egg beater is used to make the volume fluffy and the color is lighter;

  3. Beat the eggs and continue to beat until evenly;

  4. Add banana puree and dark chocolate crumbs and pieces and mix evenly with a squeegee;

  5. Stir the low-gluten flour and baking powder evenly, sift into the mixture, stir evenly, then pour the milk, continue stirring until no dry powder is visible; *

  6. Fill the paper cup for about 8 minutes, preheat the oven to 180°, bake for 25 minutes, remove and let cool; (adjust the temperature according to your own oven)

  7. In the process of baking the cake, you can prepare chocolate cream topping, and send all the materials to the silk flower state with the egg beater.


5*: During the mixing process, I first sifted in half of the powder. After mixing, add the milk and continue to stir. Then sieve the remaining powder and stir until the dry powder is not visible. This can avoid the uneven mixing of the powder. After the cake is finished, there will be no powdery particles in the cake.

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