Recipe: banana cake

Home Cooking Recipe: banana cake



  1. Banana crushed into mud, add 20 grams of brown sugar and mix well

  2. Add the egg yolk one by one, and add one evenly

  3. Sift into flour and stir into batter

  4. Add the remaining 20 grams of sugar to the protein and add 1/3 of the protein to the batter. After evenly, pour all the batter into the protein bowl and gently shake it to a uniform

  5. Pour the batter into the flat bottom of the oil-coated paper 'Lesgates' (or directly into the baking sheet of the oiled paper)

  6. Into the 170-degree preheated oven, bake for about 35-40 minutes (bake the baking time, please adjust according to the power of your own oven)


* If there is no flat-bottomed baking utensil, please pour the batter directly into the baking sheet of the oiled paper. * Regarding the amount of juice, according to the consistency of the batter, it can be adjusted according to the thickness of the usual hurricane cake.

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