Recipe: Banana black mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana black mousse


Fang Zi from Sina Weibo @一蕾蕾蕾 Very praised Fangzi~ Before you do, you need to bake a black hurricane in advance~ After cooling, the black hurricane removes the surface layer and cuts 3 pieces in advance. In fact, it was made by the chocolate madman Baby, who came back to Switzerland a month ago~ I have sorted out the precautions when I did it, and I have a warm heart tip. Holiday at home to do a six-story four is not particularly handsome! Still spicy, delicious!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Gelatine tablets plus blisters

    Gelatine tablets plus blisters

  2. Black and smart + milk is placed in a heat-insulating container to melt in water, stirring constantly. Add 1 gelatinized gelatin tablet, stir evenly and let cool.

  3. Light cream + sugar + rum is sent to 7 distribution (note that you don't overdo it, or the next mousse paste will be too thick)

  4. Take 320g of the whipped cream from the previous step and mix it with banana puree, then pour it into 2 and mix well (this is mousse paste ~~). Leave whipped cream for spare.

  5. After the black hurricane removes the surface layer, cut 3 pieces in advance, and the actual experience tells the mud to not cut too thin~ If you accidentally cut it, it will be fine, it is ok to fight it up~

  6. A layer of hurricane + a layer of mousse paste + a layer of hurricane + a layer of remaining whipping cream + a hurricane + residual mousse paste. Wipe the surface, release the mold after refrigerating for one night, sprinkle cocoa powder ~ open to eat!


* If you have a small pot of friends, the rum in step 3 can be reduced or reduced. * A total of six layers ~ each time the number of recommendations fell before the first weighing is clear. * With the mousse circle I used a seven-inch square and three small mousse circles, because my mousse circle is relatively short, so I use the mousse to raise the height. * When you release the mold, use a hair dryer or a hot towel to rub it, or use a sharp knife to quickly slide around, it will be better to release the mold.

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