Recipe: Bamboo 荪 winter melon meatball soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo 荪 winter melon meatball soup


Bamboo raft has a degreasing effect, can reduce fat accumulation in the abdominal wall, and can lose weight and lose weight. Winter melon is also a good weight loss product, so it is very suitable for people who are losing weight. Add some meatballs, which is also a good complement to friends who like to eat meat. The nutritional value of bamboo sorghum is very high. When adding soup, add a little bamboo stalk and the taste will be very delicious.



  1. Winter melon is best to choose a layer of hoarfrost

  2. Wash melon peeled slices for use

  3. The bamboo poles sent by Beitai have never thought of how to use them.

  4. Dried bamboo poles are taken out to remove the net from the head and tail

  5. Soaked in light salt water

  6. Add the appropriate amount of salt to the pork stuffing, soy sauce, a little white pepper powder, mix well, add 3 drops of sesame oil, and stir in one direction. Then add a small amount of water in a small amount and whipped into a sticky form.

  7. I use northern tofu, not easy to break

  8. Tofu slices about 0.5cm slice spare

  9. Pour the right amount of water into the pot and add a thick soup

  10. After the water is opened, use a spoon to form a meatball into the pot in the meat. After the meatball is shaped, put the cut winter melon.

  11. Cut into the sliced ​​tofu, topped with a little soy sauce

  12. Then go into the bamboo rafts that are soaked in the fire, boil over the fire, and turn to a small fire for 5.6 minutes.


The dried bamboo stalks that are bought back are soaked in light salt water before consumption. The process of foaming is changed twice, and the cap of the bacteria is closed (the closed end), otherwise there will be a strange smell. Please keep it away from light, otherwise the layer of gauze skirt outside the bamboo pole is easy to absorb moisture and mildew.

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