Recipe: Bamboo squash soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo squash soup


Bamboo raft is a valuable edible fungus, and it is also a medical rookie. It has been listed as a “court tribute” in history. It is a famous national dish in modern times and a good food therapy. It is rich in nutrients. It is determined that dried bamboo stalk contains 19.4% crude protein, 2.6% crude fat, and 60.4% of soluble nitrogen-free pour, including 4.2% saccharide, 8.4% crude fiber, and 9.3% ash. It has a significant effect on the treatment of hypertension, neurasthenia, gastrointestinal diseases, etc., can prevent cancer and fight cancer, and lose weight. It also has a special anti-corrosion function. In the summer, it is added to the bamboo chop cooking dish and the meat does not change for many days.



  1. Bamboo buds, day lily foam, wash into the stew, add appropriate amount of water, salt, a small amount of cooking oil. (You can use sesame oil, but I don't like the taste of too much. I personally think it is better to use oil without taste.)

  2. Put it in the steamer and steam for 20 minutes.

  3. Add sliced ​​cucumber slices and steam for 5 minutes.


Cucumbers don't need to be peeled, green and green, and they look good in the soup. My knife is generally good, just use a plane to plan a large piece.

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