Recipe: Bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo shoots


When I was a child, I had always remembered the food I had eaten in my hometown. However, I haven’t seen it for about twenty or thirty years. I have to save the name of the dish here. I will go home and ask my mother during the Spring Festival, and then write the recipe again......... finally Say hello, although I didn’t eat it, the recipe still has to be finished...



  1. Wash the glutinous rice for half a day and drain. Wash the bamboo shoots and dry them.

  2. Glutinous rice is chopped in stone smashed, then the mountain bamboo shoots are put together and chopped, and evenly mixed (the bamboo shoots can not be mashed into mud, should have small segments or granules, so the taste is better)

  3. Pork belly diced, add glutinous rice and bamboo shoots powder, add salt, other seasonings, mix evenly

  4. Glutinous rice and bamboo shoots are grouped into a group

  5. Made into a scorpion (a cake like a pumpkin scorpion, about 6cm in diameter and about 1.5cm thick)

  6. Put it on bamboo, cover it with bamboo paper or bamboo cover, use charcoal fire, slowly heat it over low heat, until the surface is dry, the surface of the bamboo fiber is dry, the aroma is overflowing, but to this step, the dish is still Not cooked! Still can't eat! ! !

  7. Cold in the refrigerator, slowly eat as a dish.

  8. When you want to eat, sauté the bamboo shoots with oil and sauté! Fragrant! Fragrant! Can eat! You can also steam it again...

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