Recipe: Bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo shoots


Spring is the season when wild vegetables are on the market. Malan Head is clear and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and digestive, tastes fragrant and nutritious. It is a popular wild vegetable variety. This dish is simple in raw materials, quick to make, and often appears on my table, and I gave it to the first recipe in the kitchen.



  1. Malan head is cleaned, water is boiled in the pot, add appropriate amount of cooking oil and salt, and put in the Malan head for a while.

  2. Use a colander to remove the Malan head and drain it.

  3. Add water to the pot and boil it. Add in the bamboo shoots and cook until the bamboo shoots are cooked.

  4. Malan squeezed some of the water by hand and chopped it into a large bowl.

  5. The bamboo shoots and fragrant dried shreds are also placed in the large bowl of Shengmalan.

  6. Add salt and chicken essence, then add sesame oil, mix well and serve on the plate.


1. Do not squeeze too much after Malan's head is drowning, otherwise the taste is not good. 2. Malan, bamboo shoots and dried fragrant roots should not be cut too fine, leaving a little grainy will be better. 3. Salt and chicken essence should be mixed with hot, otherwise it is not easy to open, and then mix well and finally add sesame oil. 4. Friends with heavy taste can add pepper, pepper, balsamic vinegar and other spices, but it is not recommended to put more, so as not to cover the taste of Malan head itself.

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