Recipe: Bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo shoots



  1. The pork belly is washed and cut into pieces, and the water is drained and drained.

  2. 3. The bamboo shoots are peeled and cut into pieces, and added to a little salt in boiling water, then boiled and drained.

  3. Prepare onions, ginger, garlic, aniseed, pepper, cinnamon and dried chili

  4. Pork belly in the pot with a medium and small fire slowly pull out the oil, this step is best to use the anti-stick pot

  5. Put the rock sugar directly in the oil from the pork belly (if you have too much), put it in a small fire and cook it until it is yellow.

  6. The rock sugar has melted and there are yellow vesicles

  7. Put the pork belly immediately, continue to stir fry

  8. Transfer the cooking wine, a little soy sauce (added according to the coloring situation) and all the spices except salt, then pour the bamboo shoots

  9. Pour hot water from the material and boil it in the fire

  10. After the water is opened, boil until the meat is soft and the soup is thick, then add the appropriate amount of salt according to the taste of each person.

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