Recipe: Bamboo shoot ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo shoot ribs soup



  1. Bamboo shoots peeled, washed, cut hobs

  2. Add ribs to the water, boil, turn off the fire when there are many floating foams, pour the ribs into the basket and wash. Wash the pot

  3. Soaked in small greens, washed

  4. Put the washed ribs into the wok, add water, boil, add wine, simmer, then boil, then simmer, add ginger, add bamboo shoots, and then boil (if there is still floating Mo, then lick, must be clean), turn to small fire for two hours, add small green vegetables slightly burned, add salted MSG seasoning, turn off the fire


The quality of raw materials is a prerequisite for a good dish. Therefore, all kinds of raw materials should be selected the best and freshest.

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