Recipe: Bamboo ribs corn ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo ribs corn ribs soup


In the evening, it rained outside. Although it was already in April, there was still a chill in the air. I suddenly wanted to drink soup after work, so I rushed to the supermarket to buy the materials and came back patiently for more than two hours. Bamboo glutinous pork ribs soup tastes sweet. Sometimes, the meaning of the home is that in the cold, there is a shoulder that can be relied on, and a bowl of hot soup that can warm up.



  1. Dried bamboo stalks are softened with cool water

  2. Corn cross-cut into round pieces

  3. Wash the ribs and remove the froth

  4. Once again, add enough water to the pot and put in the ribs, ginger, corn, and bamboo stalks.

  5. Add appropriate amount of cooking wine. Add 2-3 drops of white vinegar, don't drip too much, otherwise the soup will be sour. The purpose of dropping white vinegar is to make the calcium of the ribs better dissolve into the soup.

  6. After the group boiled, they simmered for two hours and simmered for two hours.

  7. Add salt when you drink.


This bowl of soup is very sweet and has no excessive seasoning, all of which are the original flavor of the ingredients. It’s best to have a bowl in the rainy weather.

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