Recipe: Bamboo ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo ribs


Bamboo carp, also known as "flower of fungi", "plant chicken", etc., is the first of the "four treasures" (bamboo, monkey head, shiitake mushroom, white fungus), has the effect of tonifying qi and nourishing yin, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, or guaranteeing Liver lipid-lowering, weight loss is a must to drop something good. It is said that ethnic minorities in Yunnan often use bamboo rafts, so the chance of getting cancer is greatly reduced. It has ingredients that can inhibit tumors.



  1. Bamboo scorpion cut off the mushroom cover, where the strange smell comes out, put the bamboo simmer into the cool water with a spoonful of salt, soak for ten minutes, soften, then smash the tail, leaving only the middle tube, rinse back and forth with water , wash away the sand inside

  2. Burn some hot water, turn off the water after the water is turned on, put it into the washed bamboo pole, and boil it after 20 seconds. The bamboo soup is not a bit strange.

  3. Put the ribs in the cool water, add a spoonful of wine, smash the blood, remove the blood, and wash it out.

  4. Put it in the water and let it go

  5. Burn a pot of hot water, put in the ribs, ginger and shallots with the knife back, put them into the pot, stew for 40 minutes, then put in the bamboo chop and continue to cook for 20 minutes, add the simmer for 5 minutes, add salt, incense Scallions can be cooked


Don't cook for a long time. If you stew for a long time, it will become bitter. Very simple soup, refreshing and refreshing, it is worth drinking in the dry winter.

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