Recipe: Bamboo duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo duck soup


Bamboo stalks and old duck soup are a perfect combination of classics, because bamboo rafts and old ducks are all foods with a slightly cooler taste. Although the winter in the north is cold, for a dry indoor environment, eat once a week. Not only moisturizes the lungs, but also does not get angry. When drinking duck soup, it is best to choose a little thinner, the fat content is less, the soup is not so greasy, easy to enter. The dried bamboo squid is soaked in the salt water before cooking, and the head is cut off, otherwise there will be odor, and the remaining bamboo stalks must be left in direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, and please open as soon as possible after opening. Eat to prevent deterioration from moisture.



  1. The duck block that has been simmered in water, put it in a casserole with rice wine, ginger, and water until it is 9 mature.

  2. Stewed the duck, then blanched with a light salt water

  3. Cut the bamboo shoots that have been soaked into the caps of the bacteria. When the ducks are ripe, put them in the bamboo chop and cook them.


1 Usually I first soak the ducks in water for 30 minutes, release more bleeding water, and then drown; 2 bamboo raft heating time should not be too long, otherwise it will not be easy to eat; 3 cold limbs, chronic diarrhea should be careful.

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