Recipe: Bamboo Cordyceps Chicken Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo Cordyceps Chicken Soup


Bamboo raft, also known as "Queen of the bacteria". It is rich in nutrients, rich in flavor and delicious in taste. It has been listed as one of the "Grass Bazhen" since ancient times. The soup made with Cordyceps chicken is delicious and salty. It is a very simple soup, so let it be done for the family~



  1. The three yellow chickens are cleaned, washed, and placed in a cold water pot. Add onions, ginger, cooking wine and stew for three hours.

  2. Another pot, I used a proper amount of chicken soup and added a bowl of water, and continued to stew for 20 minutes in bamboo and cordyceps, and transferred the right amount of salt to the pan. The chicken is torn off and put into the soup. The soup tastes delicious and the chicken is soft and tender.

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