Recipe: Bamboo cockroach

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo cockroach


Lulu gave me some bamboo poles and white fungus a few days ago, saying that it was for me. Haha, it seems like how weak my body is. Make up your body and feel so far away. Both bamboo stalks and white fungus have physical fitness and increase immunity. Tremella also has the functions of beauty, skin rejuvenation and longevity. Look at the difference in their effectiveness, I will smash them together, it is delicious!



  1. Tremella soaked for half an hour, bamboo buds are soaked, all washed

  2. Tremella teared into small pieces, cut into bamboo

  3. Put the rock sugar in the water. After opening it, put the white fungus into the water for half an hour, then add the bamboo raft for another hour, then you can


The tremella tears out the small pieces and blends them with the water, and it is also more convenient to eat.

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