Recipe: Bamboo chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo chicken soup


Bamboo carp is a valuable edible fungus, and it is also a medical rookie. It has been listed as “Gongting tribute” in history, and it has been used as a national banquet in modern times, and it is also a good food therapy. It is rich in nutrients. It is determined that dried bamboo stalk contains 19.4% crude protein, 2.6% crude fat, and 60.4% of soluble nitrogen-free pour, including 4.2% saccharide, 8.4% crude fiber, and 9.3% ash. It has a significant effect on the treatment of hypertension, neurasthenia, gastrointestinal diseases, etc., can prevent cancer and fight cancer, and lose weight. It also has a special anti-corrosion function. In the summer, it is added to the bamboo chop cooking dish and the meat does not change for many days. Guangdong's "Dinghu Shangcai" must have bamboo rafts, while "Bamboo 荪 Tremella" is a famous dish in Guizhou, and "Bamboo 荪 steam pot chicken" is regarded as a big supplement in Yunnan. Bamboo rafts are also extremely nutritious... Bamboo bismuth products will become important anticancer drugs in the future. Regular consumption of bamboo rafts can also receive anti-cancer effects. Taboo: 1 In the bamboo raft line, there is a yellow skirt bamboo raft, also called variegated bamboo stalk, which is toxic and inedible. 2 diarrhea should not eat bamboo rafts. 3 When there is an exogenous feeling, it is best not to eat bamboo poles. The above information comes from the network



  1. Wash the chicken, cut off the chicken butt, depending on the size of the chicken, or the soup

  2. Chicken cold water pot, boil the fire and turn to medium heat, carefully clean the floating foam in the pot, then scatter the ginger pieces, put them into the chicken soup, and cook them together until the chicken is ripe. 1-1.5 hours) is actually cooking chicken soup, according to the practice of your own home

  3. The dried bamboo stalks are soaked in cold water, and the surface of the sand is gently washed to remove the water.

  4. According to your own situation, you can boil the bamboo simmer into the whole pot of chicken soup, or use a small soup pot to hold the right amount of chicken and soup, boil and then simmer the bamboo stalk. After the second boil, gently season with salt and white pepper. Just, it’s fresher once you eat it.

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