Recipe: Bamboo charcoal fig cream roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo charcoal fig cream roll


A fig roll is available in the fig season. The following materials can be used in a baking tray of 28cm*28cm.



  1. The butter is insulated and melted. Add milk and heat-insulated water. Add the sieved bamboo charcoal powder and mix well. Keep warm

  2. 3 eggs are added to the sugar and heated to 36-40 °C

  3. The temperature of the cake paste after the hair is kept at 20 ° C, the flour is sieved, and the egg beater is stirred by the island sponge.

  4. Drain the milk charcoal powder liquid (maintain the temperature at 50 ° C), stir evenly, and pour into the baking tray with oil paper. Bake at 190 ° C for 12 minutes

  5. After the cake is let cool, 180 grams of cream + 18 grams of sugar + 3 teaspoons of sifted matcha powder, the electrician is sent, spread on the cake piece and spread the figs and put them into the refrigerator to seal the refrigerator.


Welcome the guys to roll up the O-shaped curls~

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