Recipe: Bamboo cane, horseshoe, carrot

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo cane, horseshoe, carrot



  1. Put all the materials into the pot

  2. Add boiled for 20 minutes

  3. Added carrots, so some yellowish


The bamboo cane root horseshoe water is commonly used as a prescription soup for the treatment of skin diseases such as skin eczema, itching and pediatric measles caused by damp heat. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing yin and promoting fluid, and can relieve the measles poisoning, and is often used for the treatment of measles. It is also because of its role in nourishing yin, clearing heat, producing fluid and detoxifying, so it is also a health-care soup for dehumidification. Because it is not too cold and cold, it also has the functions of nourishing yin and suffocating, so it is also for men and women. The daily soup of young and old, and should be more drinking. Carrots are sweet and fragrant, slightly warm, into the lungs, spleen, function wide in the gas, loose stomach and stomach, stomach to help digestion and prevention of diseases caused by vitamin A deficiency. Horseshoe is also known as scorpion, sweet and cold, with functions of clearing heat, cooling blood, diuresis, laxative, detoxification, and phlegm. The taste of bamboo cane is also sweet, cold, into the lungs, stomach, function of clearing heat and purging fire, moistening and detoxification. The taste of the root is also sweet, cold, into the lungs, stomach, small intestine, function cooling blood to stop bleeding, heat diuretic. Combined as a soup, it is more nourishing the heart and spleen, clearing blood and heat, moistening the lungs and fluid, quenching thirst and diuresis, clearing the liver and stomach, and can cure blood syndrome, hangover, and residual heat after acne.

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