Recipe: Bamboo and Tremella Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bamboo and Tremella Soup



  1. Tremella is soaked in warm water and washed. Remove yellow roots. Tear into small flowers

  2. Bamboo stalks are cut to the roots, soaked, cut into 5 cm segments

  3. Add 80% of the hot water to the pot, put it into the white fungus and simmer until it is thick. Turn off the power and add the rock sugar. Drink cold and drink


1. After the stewed Tremella soup, hold 2 teaspoons of soup before putting it on the sugar. After cooling, apply it directly to the face as a mask. Can remove small wrinkles on your face. 2, women should not drink iced soup for a long time, the best cooking temperature of this soup is 50 degrees. 3, it is best to insist on drinking a small bowl every day, long-term consumption will have an effect.

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