Recipe: Balowan

Home Cooking Recipe: Balowan



  1. Wash the white mushroom and cut it into a uniform size abalone with a knife

  2. Put the pan, pour the oil into the pan, wait until the oil temperature rises to 50%, put it into the abalone, and take it out for about 30 seconds. Drain the oil.

  3. Cordyceps flower, pine mushroom, yellow cattle liver, corn cob, vegetarian chicken, Chinese cabbage, soybeans, steamed for 4 hours in an appropriate amount of water cage to make the best vegetarian soup

  4. Take step (3) the best vegetarian soup, vegetarian abalone juice, refined salt, put the whole ginger, Bailing mushroom abalone, the cleaned and washed mushrooms to steam, to the soft body, ready to use

  5. Put the sweet beans into the pot, add water, salt, sugar, oil, and remove them in the dish. Then, the roasted white abalone, abalone, and mushrooms are placed in the middle of the dish.

  6. Put the pot on the fire, boil the raw juice of the white mushroom abalone, use the wet starch to make a thick sauce, push it with the old soaking color, pour a little oil, start the pot, and evenly pour the white mushroom. Abalone

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