Recipe: Bald butter

Home Cooking Recipe: Bald butter


I was stolen by Taobao merchants, and I said that I helped to shoot. and! No! Have! This picture is a shame, it is really shameful. I just want to say that I did not have any Taobao sellers! turn off! system! Welcome to my personal public number "i-xiangshi". Speaking of bald butter, the students in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces are definitely familiar. I am a northerner. I have never heard of it before, I have never seen it, and I have never eaten it. The earliest impression of bald butter was the "Shen Ye" that was noted, and the fixed sentence of "The night when there is no XXX, the most difficult thing to pay." Give me the shackles. But Shen Ye’s shop has 200g of bald butter, 400 bottles for one bottle, yes, 400 pieces. How big is a 200g bottle? The small bottle of jam in the supermarket knows it, it is a small bottle. You think that the average size is 340ml, which is the kind of small one (there is an urgent need for me to have no money). Say a gossip, Weibo celebrity XX scattered people showed a bald buttered sesame seed cake a while ago, was sprayed by a Shanghainese, saying that this is the best policy for people who can't eat fresh crabs to save the idea. LowX, which has never seen a good thing, is not as elegant as I said. Later, I know that Shen’s original is a harvest crab cake. I know that there are many other homes that sell bald butter, so it’s not so expensive, but it’s about 200. Then, Taobao took the initiative to push me frozen crab, crab paste and crab powder, wow hahaha, how many times did I search for a while? Here is a sentence, now to do popular knowledge, Taobao copy is a good way to get started, what to eat bald butter bibimbap, the woman lost elegance, the man lost the gentleman, and the beginning of the origin of the Qinglou , here you need a face expression). The bald butter was originally made with lard crab crab paste, which can be stored for a long time with oil seal. The lard itself also has a strong aroma. I have tried several times. The lard is solid at room temperature, and the crab yellow crab paste has a yellowish white after the tanning. Please fill it with your own brain. It really looks disgusting. So later I used vegetable oil for cooking at home. Some people like rapeseed oil with heavy taste. I like corn oil, sunflower oil or tea oil without taste. I like it. As for the main ingredient crab yellow crab cream or crab powder, my choice is this, crab yellow + crab cream, the taste is the best, crab yellow + crab powder, the price is the highest, but the taste is not enough oil, a little slag. Don't look at the high price of bald butter on Taobao, it is a high profit. It’s very simple to buy raw materials at home. Some people will challenge the frozen crab crab crab cream. Yes, if there is no way to eat frozen food, but the oil has been fried, the difference is very subtle.



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    Crab crab crab thawing

  2. Ginger mill. If there is no tool for grinding, use a knife to smash it into ginger, and you can pick it up.

  3. Add oil to the pot and heat it. Use your hands on the top of the oil to feel it. If you have hot air, you can put the crab crab crab in it, medium heat, and slowly fry.

  4. After the meeting, there will be floating foam, and it will be fine with a spoon. Wait until no froth comes out, add ginger and stir fry (if there are onions, put them here at the same time), then add white pepper and salt. White pepper is to be simmered, not too much. If you eat spicy, it is too much. Salt is used for seasoning, and this depends on personal taste.

  5. Stir fry for a while, the oil turns into a translucent yellow, and it's fine. Turn off the fire, pour the balsamic vinegar along the side of the pot, stir evenly, ok.

  6. To say how to eat this bald butter, mix hot rice, stir-fry, steamed eggs are ok. There is also a heavy taste to eat, the toast sliced ​​oven back to bake for 5 minutes, bald butter used to spread the sauce (do not oil, it is inside the crab crab paste), that is the world is beautiful. No picture, too delicious, too late to take photos.

  7. Finally, the crab crab crab powder I bought is from Taobao. The price is about crab yellow 130, crab cream 100, and crab powder 79, all of which are one kilogram. Shops are not recommended, please search for comparisons yourself.


If the glass bottle can be sealed, pour it hot, cover the bottle, invert it, and make a jam. There will be fine oil seeping during the inversion process. If you use a lunch box, cool it and put it in the refrigerator, it will be no problem for one month.

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