Recipe: Baking tools, mold introduction tutorial

Home Cooking Recipe: Baking tools, mold introduction tutorial


Follow for more updates on Weibo and follow our more interesting food tour! ! If you're going to start learning how to bake cakes and pastry at home, then some kitchen tools and baking equipment are indispensable, and these tools are at the heart of most baking kitchens. They make baking easier in the kitchen, and they are not only safer but also faster to prepare for baking. There are many different types of baking tools and equipment, and there are hundreds of varieties to choose from. I found that I had the urge to buy kitchen supplies, and when I saw some tools that I thought would be helpful in the kitchen, I would buy them. However, I prefer to buy some high quality kitchen utensils that can be used for a long time. I am often asked how to buy baking tools and equipment, how to make cakes or pastry. In this video I will show you how to use and how to use some baking tools, equipment and molds.



  1. Baking tools, mold introduction tutorial

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