Recipe: Baking Tools - Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups

Home Cooking Recipe: Baking Tools - Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups


Make a finishing tool for the conversion of the baking tool. Generally speaking, the measuring spoon is used to weigh some raw materials that are not needed, such as yeast, salt, lemon juice, wine, etc. Measuring cups are generally used to weigh larger quantities of raw materials such as sugar, flour, water, etc.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Conversion of kilograms and grams: 1) 1 kg (1 kg) = 1000 g 2) 1 lb (1b) = 16 ounces (1 oz) = 454 g (g) 3) One ounce = 28.3 g 4) 1 ml (ml) Water = 1 g (g)

    Conversion of kilograms and grams: 1) 1 kg (1 kg) = 1000 g 2) 1 lb (1b) = 16 ounces (1 oz) = 454 g (g) 3) One ounce = 28.3 g 4) 1 ml (ml) Water = 1 g (g)

  2. (All weighing is a flat spoon) 1 tbsp of butter = 14 g of salad oil 1 tbsp = 14 g 1 tbsp of milk = 14 g of milk powder 1 tbsp = 6.25 g of egg (with shell) 1 approx 60 g of egg ( Without shell) 1 about 55 grams of egg yolk 1 about 20 grams of protein 1 about 35 grams of sugar powder 1 cup = 130 grams of fine sugar 1 cup = 180-200 grams of coarse sugar 1 cup = 200-220 grams of syrup 1 tablespoon = 21 g cotton white sugar (sifted) 1 cup = 130 g flour 1 cup = 120 g corn flour 1 tbsp = 12.6 g cocoa powder 1 tbsp = 7 g peanut butter 1 tbsp = 16 g honey 1 tbsp = 21 g , 1 cup = 340 grams of dried fruit 1 cup = 114 grams 1 cup of raisin = 170 grams of dry yeast 1 tsp = 3 grams of salt 1 tsp = 5 g

  3. Cake round size conversion


To calculate the amount of material required for molds of different sizes, it is actually necessary to calculate the volume difference of the cakes made by different sizes of molds. The formula for calculating the cylindrical volume is: bottom area × height. In actual production, although the size is different, the height of the cake is generally the same, then the ratio of the volume is actually the ratio of the bottom area. The formula for the bottom area is: π × the square of the radius, which is actually the ratio of the square of the radius. For example, an 8-inch cake round mold: a 10-inch cake round mold = 8/2 squared: 10/2 square = 16:25 = 1:1.56 TIPS: 1. The data in the table is based on the calculated accuracy. Value. In fact, when we convert, we can take an approximation of a relatively good calculation. For example, we usually encounter the most, the 8 inch amount is converted into 6 inch dosage. According to the value in the table, all the ingredients should be multiplied by 0.56, but for the convenience of calculation, we usually halve the ingredients directly. That is to multiply by 0.5. 2. Adjustment of baking temperature and time. In general, the larger the baking volume of the cake, the more you should use low temperature slow roast. Because if the cake is bulky, the internal temperature is not easy to rise. If it is baked at a higher temperature, it is easy to see that the surface of the cake has been pasted and the inside is not cooked. Therefore, if your cake size becomes larger, you must lower the temperature and extend the time when baking. Usually, for every size of the cake, the temperature is reduced by 5-10 degrees, and the baking time is extended by 10-15 minutes. But this is not a hard standard. It needs to be adjusted according to the variety of the cake and the actual situation of the oven. This requires flexibility. 3, different sizes of baking pan conversion, you can also use the same method to calculate the bottom area ratio of the baking pan. Because the specifications of the baking tray are numerous, the specific form is not listed, and you can calculate it yourself. 4. The situation of the faction is quite special. When converting different sizes of pies, the amount of stuffing can be directly converted according to the conversion table of the cake round mold, and the pie skin needs to be added one inch after the size, and then converted. For example, the 6-inch pie is replaced by 9 inches, the ingredients for the stuffing are multiplied by 2.25, and the ingredients of the pie skin should be converted to 10 inches for 7 inches, which should be multiplied by 2.04.

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