Recipe: Baking soda peas

Home Cooking Recipe: Baking soda peas


Um, super simple cold dish ~ the main thing is that it does not contain oil ah! Let's lose weight in the summer, let's eat it~ I want to take a very strong name for a long time. Hahaha I am a handkerchief and add purple cabbage. Don't look better, you can try it out!



  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Cook them. Cook them soft.

  2. Cucumber (peeled) / ham / soda crackers cut into small particles

  3. Potatoes pressed into the mud Add two tablespoons of sugar-free yogurt (instead of salad dressing, fat loss), a little bit of black pepper, a little salt, stir together

  4. Add the chopped cucumber and ham and mix! Soda crackers must be added before mixing or it will soften ( ? _ ? )

  5. Mint leaves are chopped and sprinkled in the dish. You're done!


1 yogurt is better than sugar, there is no smell, but also lose weight 2 soda crackers, remember to put it on, soft, not good, no crunchy feeling.

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