Recipe: [Baking Porter] Käsekuchen German Cheese Cake (Quark Cake)

Home Cooking Recipe: [Baking Porter] Käsekuchen German Cheese Cake (Quark Cake)


German cheese cake, this recipe is not too simple! Handling from Backen mit ANNA, is a recipe recommended by an Italian partner. The square inch is a 20cm round die, and you want to convert it yourself. Everyone has their own baking habits, and I also wrote my own habits, in brackets. This recipe needs to reduce sugar, especially filling, which needs to be reduced by about 20%, because the German love of sugar is really... Quark and Vanillesoßenpulver are used here, and the partners can't buy it. Try cream cheese and vanilla instead, but the taste will be greatly reduced. Recommended for a small partner in Germany!



  1. Make the bottom of the cake. The method of making the bottom of the cake is similar to that of the pie, and mixing all the ingredients into a group.

  2. Make a cake body. Divide the egg and mix the egg yolk with all the ingredients except the protein (my practice is to mix the egg yolk with sugar, and finally mix the other ingredients) and mix well. The protein is sent to dryness and stirred evenly with the cheese paste.

  3. Spread the bottom of the cake on the bottom of the cake mold, you can first use the rolling pin or plastic wrap to move into the cake mold, or you can shred it directly into the cake mold. It can be raised a little like the edge of the pie. Pour the mixed cheese paste into it. 170 degrees to 180 degrees until the cake is ripe and the surface is dark brown. (10 inches about 80min)


The picture is too ugly, and I will change it again next time! The small partner should pay attention to the appropriate temperature reduction plus time if the size is converted.

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