Recipe: Baked tomato sauce with pasta sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked tomato sauce with pasta sauce


I have recently missed the special pasta. I have time to do this, and I am doing a familiar tomato sauce. When I bake, I must add the mozzarella cheese. It tastes good and the brush is very beautiful. What?



  1. First cook the screw powder, boil the water, pour the screw powder into the pot, add a few drops of salt and olive oil, and cook for eight minutes. Take out, immediately cool the water, control the water, add a few drops of olive oil to rest

  2. Start making tomato sauce, peel the tomato into hot water, cut into small pieces, cut the onion and garlic into small pieces, cut the meat with a knife and cut into pieces.

  3. Put the pot, put the olive oil, garlic and onion blasting pot, add the meat, stir fry until discolored, add tomatoes, stir fry, add tomato sauce, turn over and stir fry ~

  4. Wait until the color of the sauce is even, add the static screw powder, stir fry until even

  5. Put the tomato sauce and soy sauce in the bowl and spread the mozzarella cheese cheese evenly on the pasta.

  6. Preheat the oven for 170 minutes for ten minutes and place the pasta in the oven

  7. The cheese is colored and taken out, about 12 minutes.


The sauce I made is a quick hand version. I don't add water or add sugar. It is very rich after adding ketchup. The taste is also sour. I don't like sour. I can add sugar. The quality of mozzarella cheese is very important, and the better brushing effect is great. The taste is very good呦

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