Recipe: Baked taro slices

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked taro slices


I smashed a pot of porridge. I wanted to fry the scallions. It was too hot and too oily to be roasted. Oh, it’s not a delicious taste! Better than the supermarket, the oysters, the baked film is delicious, and it is better than the grilled taro slices on the roadside. Home-made baked taro slices



  1. Mix the seasoning in the bowl and measure it yourself. If you like it, please add more.

  2. Bake the pad of tin foil, brush the sauce on one side of the tweezers, and place the brush face up

  3. Put in the oven, 200 degrees, 5 minutes

  4. Take out, turn the taro slice, then brush the seasoning, continue to bake for about 8 minutes, the taro can be slightly burned

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