Recipe: Baked spore cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked spore cabbage


The edible part of Brussels sprouts is a small leaf ball formed by axillary buds. The flavor is like cabbage, but it also has its own unique taste. It has less fiber and is rich in nutrients. It contains 4·9 grams of crude protein per 100 grams of young leaves, and fat is 0.4. Gram, 3.8 g of sugar, vitamin C 102 mg, carotenoid 883 international unit, vitamin B1 0. 14 mg, vitamin B2 O.] 6 mg, calcium 42 mg, phosphorus 80 mg, iron 1.5 mg, protein content It is the highest among cabbages.



  1. Spore cabbage removes the first layer of outer wrap, rinses, and dries

  2. Cook in salt water for about 3-4 minutes

  3. Cut and slash after drying and cooling

  4. Boil in a pan, sprinkle with salt and black pepper

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