Recipe: Baked potato wedges

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked potato wedges


It’s not too much trouble to make baked potato wedges, and it’s not too bothersome. It is very suitable for relaxing when you give yourself or a friend a little snack. When you dine, you can also enjoy a full stomach. In the operation, first fry in a frying pan until the two sides are browned to make the skin crisp. Heating in the oven is to ensure that the internal soft palate is palatable. If you don't have rosemary and thyme, it's delicious if you change it to cumin or black pepper.



  1. Small potatoes do not need to be peeled, because the skin is very thin

  2. Cut the small potatoes into small pieces in the direction

  3. Pour the bottom oil into the frying pan and fry the potatoes to a double-sided brown

  4. Fry until double-sided browned and sprinkle with dried thyme and dried rosemary

  5. Baking tray with tin foil

  6. Put the fried potatoes in a baking tray, put them in a preheated 200 degree oven, heat for about 15 minutes, and easily pour them through a fork. After baking, sprinkle with a little salt to taste.


I see that there are small potatoes sold in the market, the skin is very thin, not too big, no need to peel directly into the dish. If you are not used to eating with skin and feel that it is more wasteful with a paring knife, then teach everyone a way to go to thin skin potatoes. For this thin potato, you can use the lid of the beer bottle and the jagged edges. The thin skin can be scraped off with a gentle scrape. It's easy to pick up the bottle cover and feel free to try it out.

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