Recipe: Baked mushroom small tenderloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked mushroom small tenderloin


This dish is a traditional German-style family dish. The general restaurant is rare. It is a bit like a sandwich, but it is quite large.



  1. Wash the small loin, dry the water, then spread a layer of salt on the surface evenly, pickle the white pepper powder for a while.

  2. Put the tin foil on the baking tray and stack the four sides of the tin foil so that the soup will not flow everywhere during the barbecue. It is very convenient to clean the baking tray.

  3. Add a little olive oil to the pan and add the marinated small tenderloin. Heat the oven to 175 degrees above and below. Continue to fry the small ridge with a pan and fry until it is colored. In the oven, bake for about 15 minutes to eight or nine minutes, or fully cooked, and remove for use. The specific time of baking depends on the specific conditions of your oven.

  4. When roasting the small tenderloin, make a mushroom sauce, wash the onion, remove it, and shred it. Wash the mushrooms and chop them. Put the salt-free cream in a frying pan, simmer it on low heat, add the onion and mushrooms, stir fry, add red wine and cook until thick, add whipped cream, turn off the heat when boiled, add seasoning with salt. I don't have red wine, just thick mushrooms and onions, and the taste is not bad.

  5. If the mushroom sauce is too much, it must be stored refrigerated and can be stored for 7 days. The mushroom sauce is delicious and rich. In addition to being used to roast the tenderloin, it can also be served with steak or fried chicken chops as the main dish.

  6. After the mushroom sauce is done, the small loin should be roasted almost, and the roasted small loin is taken out and sliced.

  7. Clean up the baking tray that has just been roasted over the tenderloin, then spread the tin foil, add the toast slices, place the roasted tenderloin on the toast, topped with the mushroom sauce, then put the cheese slices, or plan some cheese Sprinkle it on top and serve it in the oven until the cheese is melted.


When cooking this dish, the toast can also be replaced with other plain breads. You can choose it according to your preference, but it is better to use softer bread, the taste will be better, and it will not harden after baking. It is best not to use the kind of bright cheese slices, it is best to choose pizza cheese, if you can buy Emmental Cheese, it is best. You should also pay attention to this dish, the baking time should not be too long, otherwise the bread will dry and the meat will become old.

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