Recipe: Baked Japanese small pumpkin

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked Japanese small pumpkin


A small snack on weekdays. Pumpkin itself contains unsaturated fatty acids, and occasionally a staple food is also a good diet meal.



  1. The pumpkin is washed without peeling and cut into even small crescents or blocks.

  2. Mix the spices, salt and pumpkin for a while, pour a spoonful of olive oil into the pan and squash the pumpkin on both sides.

  3. Discharge the baking tray on the tin foil, do not stack it, and feed it into the oven that is preheated in advance: 200 degrees, 20 minutes will be ok. Try the cooked softness with a bamboo stick before baking. After the oven is baked, sprinkle a sesame with a sesame, or a small onion.


1. Pumpkin selection: Babe pumpkin, Japanese pumpkin, and small pumpkin noodles taste better. 2. Adjust the temperature and duration of the oven according to the size of the pumpkin. 3. It is more fragrant to use butter instead of olive oil.

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