Recipe: Baked glutinous rice balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked glutinous rice balls


I like this dish most when I am a member of the regiment.



  1. The glutinous rice is soaked for 6 hours and steamed for 30 minutes to cool.

  2. Season with salt, add bacon granules, diced green onion, and egg (half jin of rice with half an egg)

  3. After kneading the dough, steam on the pan for another 25 minutes to allow the bacon and shallot flavor to penetrate into the glutinous rice balls.


1. Don't put too much salt, the bacon itself is very salty. 2. Eggs play a moisturizing role here, so that the taste of the glutinous rice balls can not be eaten; but it is necessary to pay attention to the ratio, too thin to be a group. 3. The glutinous rice balls must be pinched, otherwise it will spread easily when steamed for the second time.

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