Recipe: Baked gluten rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked gluten rice


The weather is hot, I am too lazy to go to the hot dining elevator to eat in the top dining hall. Although the food is free, I can't stand the toss, so I have been taking my meal for a while, not only can I enjoy my favorite healthy nutrition. The food can also avoid eating too much, anyway, just a small box, I want to eat more, this time can cure my ailments.



  1. Baked bran, shiitake mushroom, and day lily are first soaked in warm water, washed and cut, and celery is chopped. My celery is less, more delicious.

  2. Heat the oil, first put the mushrooms and saute, then add the braised braised slightly, then add the daylily, add a small amount of water, salt, brown sugar, soy sauce, allspice, stew for seven or eight minutes.

  3. Finally, add celery and stir fry, then pour over the pan and pour over the rice. It is very fragrant.

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