Recipe: Baked fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked fritters


The fried fritters are delicious but much oily. It is troublesome and unhealthy to blow up. It is not safe to buy outside. Baked fritters are a bit less than the taste, but they are much healthier! 5 minutes Serve, quick hand is convenient. Ma Ma no longer has to worry about washing the greasy pot!



  1. The oven is preheated at 200 °C. It doesn't matter if you don't warm up, it's okay to bake for a while.

  2. Bake oil on paper or tin foil. (Can be omitted, because the oil is really rare and will not stick)

  3. Quick-frozen fritters are placed in the baking tray. (If you want to cut the section, it will be better to cut it before baking.)

  4. Bake in the oven for 5 minutes. Adjust according to your own oven.

  5. Eat hot, be careful with hot mouth.rIt tastes a little mediocre, and it is delicious to sprinkle with powdered sugar or with condensed milk.


1. Homemade fritters should be OK, you can try it yourself. 2. This direct eating is the sweetness of the flour (salty). There is no crispy scent that is fried. But with jam, peanut butter, sesame sauce, condensed milk, powdered sugar or dipping sauce is not bad!

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