Recipe: Baked durian pudding (full dessert)

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked durian pudding (full dessert)


This is my favorite hot scalp in the durian. The smell is lighter and the aroma is more intense. Every time I am in the honey-filled dessert, I will eat and not eat between it. Do you have a sin in the house during the day? Is there a sin in the wood? The home has a baking bowl and a coffee cup. The following is a slight difference in the amount of a coffee cup. /blog_55f8a5ed01011k0b.htmlps: Be sure to eat hot. Oh, you like durian, you won’t regret it. You don’t like durian. You can change it to red bean paste, blueberry sauce, mango sauce, ok, taste different. The staff said that the durian of Manchu was first heated in a microwave for 5mins. This is a good understanding of the durian that does not need this step. It is also very tasty. If it is slightly sweeter, the heating in advance can really stimulate its fragrance. An employee said that he wants to learn the limited edition dessert of Yang Zhi Ganlu Baixue. If you are serious, I am not familiar with you. I don’t have a good collection of your own.



  1. Durian, nuclear, spoon, crushing

  2. Pour the water butter and sugar into a small pot. Heat the water and turn it on. Turn off the sago for 10 minutes, then turn it on and turn it on. Turn off the fire for 5 minutes. This opens. 焖 Look down until it is transparent. This method is more sago.

  3. Then sieve into the custard powder and the raw powder (be careful to become simmer) and then open the simmer and thicken (pay attention to the stirring) to cool down. Add milk and egg yolk. Stir well.

  4. Pour the sago pulp into the half of the roasting bowl. Put the durian and pour the remaining sago pulp oven. 200 degrees. 20 minutes. Look down. Coloring.


Sago is easy to stick to the pot. Note stirring. Sago should not be boiled for a long time. It doesn't really taste. It's thick and sticky. You can try some microwaves for 5mins.

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