Recipe: Baked Chicken Wings (大喜大肉酱酱版)

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked Chicken Wings (大喜大肉酱酱版)


I have cooked chicken wings for each taste of the big barbecue sauce. The experiment proves that it is best to taste the original barbecue sauce.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: The chicken wings are washed, and the two sides are cut in two sides. It is easy to taste when marinated.

    The chicken wings are washed, and the two sides are cut in two sides. It is easy to taste when marinated.

  2. Put the chicken wings in the fresh-keeping bag, pour the big barbecue sauce into it, massage the chicken wings through the fresh-keeping bag, so that the chicken wings can evenly spread the sauce. Keep the fresh-keeping bag as thick as possible, otherwise it will be easy to break. If it is broken, set it again.

  3. Let the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer be marinated for a night or so, even if you are eager to eat, you have to marinate for a few hours. Otherwise, you will not taste it. From time to time, you can accelerate the taste by pressing the chicken wings.

  4. There are two ways to cook cooked chicken wings. Bake in an oven and fry in a pan without an oven. Put the oil on the baking tray, put the chicken wings on the oil paper, put the chicken wings into the oven after preheating the oven, take it out and turn it over in the middle. The temperature of my ACA oven is not allowed, the fire is weak and weak, I usually get on fire 200, down. Fire 175 is baked for half an hour, and you decide the temperature and time according to your own oven character. The oil in the roasted chicken wings will be baked and not greasy.

  5. Put a small fire on the pan, put the chicken wings, cover the lid, and open the lid to turn the chicken wings over. The big chicken wings are easy to paste, and the chicken wings are not covered and the inside is not cooked. Pan fried chicken wings because the surface of the chicken wings has a sauce, not fast paste, so the oil needs to be drained in the pot, the chicken wings are more greasy than the roasted ones.

  6. It’s this sauce. It’s best to make chicken wings with the original flavor, but there is no home, only black pepper and spicy. The fried beef of black pepper is delicious, the spicy fried squid is quite good, and there is also a sauce scent that does not know how to eat delicious.

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