Recipe: Baked cereal

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked cereal


I have been baking cereal for about three or four years. The taste is fragrant, crisp, delicious! ! I like to soak yogurt, my husband likes to soak milk, I like to grab it directly. The taste of the three people is not the same, but I love it very much. After many improvements, I finally share this recipe with you. Bake in a sealed can, prepare this amount at a time, breakfast or afternoon meals are great.



  1. 1. Raw walnut oven is cooked at 150 degrees, let cool, spare, my walnut is raw, need to be baked, if the finished nut is cooked, the baking step can be omitted, all kinds of nuts can be mixed together, taste better

  2. 2. Add oatmeal, olive oil, honey and mix evenly (mixed with silica gel shovel or scraper), pour into the golden plate, bake in the oven at 150 degrees to discolor, mix 2-3 times in the middle (bake for about 30 minutes) ), add coconut and raisins, then bake for 3-5 minutes

  3. 3. Let the oven cool, loosen the sticky oatmeal, and add the roasted walnuts.


1. This amount is about 500 grams, and the roasted oatmeal should be cooled and sealed. My walnut is raw and needs to be baked. If the finished nuts are cooked, this step is baked. Can be omitted 2. Without a gold plate, use ordinary baking pan, baking pan pad paper 3. Nuts, dried fruit, unlimited type, single or more can be

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