Recipe: Baked cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked cake


All the teachers teach this dish, they first use the toast to fry, because the roast has more water, the taste does not burn in, and the fried water is used to remove the water, but now pay attention to healthy eating, completely solved by my method. This problem, and the taste is much better than fried, it is not greasy and refreshing.



  1. Bake the bran in the water for five minutes, cut into small pieces and rinse with cold water, and squeeze out the water in the baked bran, repeated several times.

  2. Washing ingredients

  3. Hot pot cold oil simmered bran, squeezing the baked bran with a shovel, the purpose is to squeeze out the water, wait for the scent to release the scent, soy sauce, the amount of sugar should be overdone (let the taste first blend into the bran) continue Hey, let the bran fully absorb the soy sauce and sugary taste.

  4. Then put black muir, day lily, peanuts, mushrooms, octagonal continue to simmer, then you can put a little water, cover, water to dry.

  5. When roasting bran, some pots will smudge the bottom, but it doesn't matter. When you put down the black mur, etc., the whole blend of the baked gluten and fragrant scent of the bottom is added to the scent.


Mushrooms and star anise can also be served with grilled bran.

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