Recipe: Baked bran fried cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked bran fried cucumber


The more busy you are, the more you like simple dishes. For example, fried cucumber is what we often eat. In addition, some students suspect that the bean products that are sold out are not clean, then you can consider using bran bran instead. Although the nutrients are not the same, the taste is a bit like.



  1. Dry baked bran and fungus are soaked in cold water respectively; washed and cut into small pieces of green pepper; sliced ​​cucumber, slightly marinated with salt for a while, squeezed dry

  2. Heat the oil and fry the bran and fungus first, add a little bit of raw extract, and finally stir the green pepper and cucumber slices. Cucumber is salted, so it is generally not necessary to add salt.

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