Recipe: Baked bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked bran


In fact, I did not put mushrooms when I was doing this dish, but I think it would be better to add mushrooms.



  1. Baked bran is soaked in cold water, squeezed and cut into small pieces. Baked bran is best soaked in cold water, so that the taste will be more intense.

  2. Dried shiitake mushrooms in cold water; small rapeseed washed and cut into sections. If the rape is small, it’s not OK.

  3. Hot pot cold oil, first fry the mushrooms, then put the bran, the bran is more oil-absorbing, and the oil is sucked out at once.

  4. Add soy sauce, salt, boiled water, stew for a while

  5. Finally, stir fry in a small rapeseed, drain or leave a little soup.

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