Recipe: Baked braised eggplant salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked braised eggplant salad


Appetizing small cold dishes in summer. This grilled braised eggplant salad is also inspired by what others have done. It just happens to be the two that I like. It tastes good and doesn't bother to do it. The toughness of the bran and the glutinous eggplant can be said to be seamless. Complementing each other, the unique fiber and tissue of the ingredients make the seasoning very easy to penetrate. With the bowl of mung bean porridge and a salted duck egg, it is a simple and casual home-cooked meal in summer.



  1. Prepare the sauce first: Garlic chopped into a mud, spare in the pot, add the hot oil in the pot, add the peppercorns and dried red peppers, remove the scent, remove and smear, and pour the peanut butter with rice vinegar (note that you should not use water with rice vinegar) Add soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil, and little water to a suitable consistency, then add the pepper oil that just scented and mix thoroughly.

  2. Baked bran, washed with cold water, cooked in cool salt water, cooled and squeezed

  3. Wash the eggplant, steam it on the pot for about 10 to 15 minutes until the chopsticks can be inserted.

  4. Baked bran and eggplant are cut or torn into thin strips

  5. Bake the bran, the eggplant, the garlic, and pour the flavored juice in the middle. Then put the peanuts on the table.

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