Recipe: Baked black beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked black beans


Recently, my hair loss is a bit serious, and I have to make up the kidneys. I feel that the soy milk is too much trouble, and I can't finish it every time. So roast black beans as a snack. If you need it too, do it quickly.



  1. Wash the black beans twice and soak in cold water. I probably drank for 2-3 hours.

  2. After the black beans are soaked, add salt and sugar to mix. Look at personal tastes, like sweet more sugar, like salty more salt. I prefer sweet, the ratio of sugar to salt is about 2:1.

  3. Pour them into the baking tray and fire up and down at 180 degrees. I probably baked for 30 minutes. I took it out in the middle and flipped it. See how much you like the crispness, you can adjust the baking time in moderation.

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