Recipe: Baked Banana Peanut Toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked Banana Peanut Toast


After the banana is fried, it will become sweet and soft, with peanut butter with peanut granules, bite down, soft bananas wrapped in hard and fragrant peanut granules, so delicious, no wonder this is a cat. Wang’s favorite toast must come in two sets. And it is a breakfast that can be done in ten minutes.



  1. Cut the banana into a slightly thicker piece and sprinkle with some lemon juice.

  2. Pour the oil into the pan, add a spoonful of sugar, and minimize the fire. After the sugar is melted, put the banana slices and fry the golden brown on both sides.

  3. Twist the toast with a pan, or oven, or spit the driver, and bake until the surface is crunchy.

  4. Spread a piece of toast evenly on peanut butter and cover with another piece of toast.

  5. Put the fried banana slices on top and sprinkle some cinnamon powder to start it.


If you don't have blueberries, you can't add them. If you put the banana in the middle of two toasts, you can pack the takeaway sandwich.

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