Recipe: Baked apple

Home Cooking Recipe: Baked apple


Baked apples have the effect of beauty + anti-constipation + edema, the girl in special period adds some brown sugar to roast, and the hot apple in winter is not afraid to cool to the stomach. This is a simple dessert that bf mother taught me~ It’s really simple, but the most important thing is: it’s so delicious, it’s not good to kill you. Dear without the oven~ According to the test results of "the kitchen of olivia0224", the fire in the microwave oven for 20 minutes can also be baked delicious apples~~ Special thanks to the "livia0224 kitchen" sister~~



  1. Wash the apple, put it in the baking tray, add the right amount of water to the baking tray

  2. Preheat the oven 200 degrees, put the baking tray on the middle grill for 50 minutes -1 hour

  3. After you take it out, you can put your favorite jam, put cinnamon, brown sugar, sugar, nuts, etc.


1. The baking time is adjusted according to the size of the apple. 200g of apple is baked for 50 minutes -1 hour. The apple is soft and the juice is very sweet. I am happy to eat. 2. Look at the plate in the picture. After putting the apple in, add water to the half of the plate. When the apple is baked, the apple juice will flow out, so you can't add too much water. After baking, the juice on the plate is also very good. Drink ~~

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