Recipe: Baiyun Claw

Home Cooking Recipe: Baiyun Claw


Baiyun chicken feet are Cantonese-style cold dishes. It is said that the chicken feet are cleaned with Baiyun Mountain Qingquan, making the entrance more crisp and cool. This appetizer is a bit unique and takes a long time to brew.



  1. Cut the chicken nails to the nails and smash them into half; put them in a pot and soak them with edible alkali noodles and 50 g of white vinegar for 1 hour, then rinse them repeatedly with water to remove the alkali water taste;

  2. Add water to the pot (can not have chicken feet), boil, add onion, ginger and chicken feet, add wine to simmer; turn to low heat to keep the water boiling like boiling, boil for 12 minutes, pour out chicken feet and cold water (ice water) to complete cooling;

  3. Lemon slices; sweet peppers to simmer; put the sweet and sour sauce ingredients into the pot until they are completely melted; prepare a clean container, pour in sweet sour sauce, lemon slices, beauty peppers and chicken feet, brew for 5-6 hours Eat; put a little sesame oil when you eat.


It is better to choose fresh and big chicken claws; soaking with alkaline noodles and vinegar can make chicken feet whiter; beauty pepper is used to make pepper, eat not too spicy, you can use spicy food. Chaotian pepper; the time to soak chicken feet must be more than 5 hours to eat.

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