Recipe: Baiyun Claw

Home Cooking Recipe: Baiyun Claw


Baiyun Fengqin is a Cantonese cuisine that tastes sour and refreshing and not fatty. The source of Baiyun's name is that the Guangzhou people used the water from the Baiyun Mountain to wash the chicken feet. This is different from washing with tap water or well water. The entrance is crisper and cooler. Because of this, people named it Baiyun Fengqin.



  1. Wash the chicken feet and cut off the nails. After boiling with boiling water, re-boil a pot of hot water, put the chicken feet in, add some ginger, cooking wine (or rice wine) and cook for eight minutes. Chopsticks can be inserted into the meat. Can turn off the fire

  2. The chicken claws are first removed with cold water to clean the floating foam, then put into the cold water to infuse for half a minute, then pick up the water control

  3. Mix water, vinegar, sugar, and salt into juice, add ginger and red pepper, and try to add flavor according to your preference.

  4. Put the chicken feet that are well controlled in water into the sweet and sour sauce. It is best to use a crisper with a lid and put it in the refrigerator until the next day.

  5. Use chicken chopsticks to dry the chopsticks, topped with sesame oil and soy sauce.


1, because I like the meat is bad, so the time is cooked a little longer, if you don't like it too bad, you can't cook for too long, because the chicken feet should be refrigerated, so the meat will tighten and become elastic, so it doesn't matter if it is a little rotten. 2. If it is used to infuse chicken feet with ice water, the time can be slightly longer. 3, chopsticks to take chicken feet must be dry, juice must be kept clean, so storage time can be long 4, there are sesame oil and soy sauce to taste better, so these two can not be missing

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